Starting Strength - Guide for newbies!

Basic Routine: Starting Strength

Since many people are looking forward to an succesful start and not working out for minimal progress, I will tell you something about the ultimate Beginners Routine, Starting Strength. But first of all I'm going to tell you why you should start with Starting Strength (short: SS). If you tried bodybuilding programs with 3 or 4 or 5 days, everyday other bodyparts I have bad news for you, you wasted your time. If you would have tried SS you would have trained your whole body on all 3 days. And if you are finished with SS you can start doing advanced routines since you will see which muscles are lacking. Which is the whole point of bodybuilding you sculpture your body after your desire but first you need to know which muscles are going to be lacking.

The best part about SS is that your lifts will increase. There are 3 lifts which ultimately determine your power: Bench Press, Squat and Deadlift. And you will focus on all 3 lifts in your SS phase. Since these lifts are working your whole body and most of all your bodycore it's necessary to maintain a good form on all 3 excercises. If you increase your weight, and keep a bad form you will fuck up your back. Good form is the key to succes! You can read about good form in the next posts on this blog where I'm going to explain all the SS Excercises and how to do them with proper form.

But let's get into the SS Program:
The program will be a 3-day split, that means you will have to go 3 days a week, decide which days you want to go and keep them. The program is containing 2 training days: A and B. If you decide you want to go on: Monday, Wednesday, Friday you're Trainingsplan would look like this:

Week 1:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
A            -                B                 -               A         -              -                
Week 2:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
B            -                A                 -               B         -              -                

 You will swap between these weeks.

Let's get into the working out part, before every excercise it's important to warm up never forget to warm up. This will affect the muscle and strength gain, it's necessary that your muscles are prepared for the excercise. Here is how you warm up:

Warm Up:

Weight: 20% Reps: 5 Sets: 2
Weigth: 30% Reps: 5 Sets: 1
Weigth: 50% Reps: 3 Sets: 1
Weigth: 80% Reps: 2 Sets: 1

You will do the exercises like this: 3 Sets of 5 Repititions.
60 to 120 Seconds Resttime between Sets
That's it your workout:

Day A:
1. Squat            | 3x5
2. Bench Press | 3x5
3. Deadlift          | 3x5

Day B:
1. Squat            | 3x5
 2. Overhead Press | 3x5
                                          3. Power Clean          | 3x5

Never be scared to increase the weight! You will progress due to increasing the weight, you can stall on one weight for a longer time but try to increase the weight atleast every 2 weeks once. Train insane or stay the same.

The SS Goals are:

Bench Press - 1x Bodyweight
Squat - 1,5x Bodyweight
Deadlift - 2x Bodyweight 
If you reached this goals and are stalling on one weight for a long time, it's alright to say that you are allowed to go into an more advanced routine.